How Eurobusways works

Learn how Eurobusways work

Eurobusways is an on demand bus transfer provider wish EASY and FLEXIBLE. That means we are quite a mixture of a private transfer operator and cross border taxi/Uber service.

How to book

1. Simply choose the destination you wish to, fill the form or send us an email directly or Viber us or Call or SMS as you wish.

2. Our customer service will reply asap with the possible options, like price options, time of departure.

3. You confirm date of departure, time of pickup, contact phone and that's it. Easy, flexible. We will be there and take you to your destination.

Private or Shared

It is possible to choose private transfer or shared.
If private the bus is only for you.
If shared, we try to get other customers on the same route, same day so you shared the minibus, but get a lower fare and similar kinda service as private for much less money.

We always try to give you more options to choose, make it easier and cheaper. All transfers are from door to door type, no matter if private or shared, we bring everyone to the wished address.

Private bus option

Do you have a family in European tour? Would you like to go different destinations and not to share the bus with others? No problem as Eurobusways can take you to every destination with private bus option.

That means only you in the bus, the bus is yours for the day, so can go and stop to visit a city, check out a castle or have lunch on the way.

Private bus option available on every route, we give you a comfortable bus, english speaking driver.

Book a private bus please Contact us or simply fill the form and choose private bus option. Our staff will contact you for the details.

Payment you can pay cash to driver on sight or in advance through Paypal but no deposit required.


Cancellation if you have paid through Paypal in advance, you can cancel your booking at least 2 days before departure to get back 100% (paypal fees apply)