Safety of our buses

Motorcoach and bus travel is one of the safest modes of transportation. Eurobusways take the safety of our customers seriously.

Our fleet is kept in top operating condition with our stringent preventative maintenance program and network of maintenance facilities.

Our local safety departments ensure that only the most qualified drivers are permitted behind the wheel.
Drivers are required to complete extensive driver training courses and are subject to random drug and alcohol testing and periodic safety refresher classes.

All bus equipped with ABS, ESP, Dual Airbag, Safety belts

All of our buses are insured to cover any damage, but we neved had accident since operation started 3years ago.

City to city connections

Travel from city to city, easy, fast, comfortable. On routes like Budapest-Krakow, Budapest-Split,Budapest-Uzghorod and many more

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Charter? Larger Group?

Have a larger group? Going a big round trip? We have the solution.

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Airport transfers

Cheap and fast airport transfers. Going to Budapest from Vienna Airport or Kosice, Cluj Napoca or other places from Budapest Airport?

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For Business travellers

EuroBusWays runs on all routes, needed for your business. Pick you up in the morning and return after meeting, meet you at airport, hotel, even multiple locations. No missed email thanks to our WiFi onboard service. Fast, direct bus for business travellers.

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Bus transfer for business travellers